Off The Beaded Track

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Caramalised! $ 62

This collar-length soft choker was made last night with someone of my mum's age in mind, but it turned out that I might just make one for myself and my mum. I just loved it more and more as it evolved bit by bit!!!

This is a truly elegant colour combination - beige Mother-of-Pearl with lots of sheen, and 3 types of pearls including the petal-like Keishi pearls. Subtlity is key here, because I assume older women do not like to wear too exciting or girlish colours.

My recommendation: wear this loosely as a necklace rather than a choker, AND wear it with some simple, plain-colour top such as a well-cut tee or blouse. It has a delicate, lacy contour and it is able to dress up something simple. I tested out with my wardrobe and I especially like it when I wore it with anything with a boat-neck or round neck top. It goes well with even working shirts with collars.

And it is a very versatile piece for its colour. It goes very very well with red, brown, navy blue, green, beige or cream, and my favourite white!

Little Garden Necklace $ 33

Made this a while back and this is a piece done from my heart :) I have always loved the idea of dangling little stones and flowers from a necklace. A little Bohemian, a little sweet!

Little elements are acrylic purple flowers, Ruby gemstones, Olive Jade rondells, freshwater pearls and Canadian Jade. Chain and pins are of copper.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mismatched Garnet earrings $ 40

Gorgeous mismatched earrings with feminine little pink freshwater pearls that have great lustre, and clear deep red Garnet.

Pink Lady $ 38

Ruby earrings with Rose Quartz and goldfilled parts for Regina's sister :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Emma Bouquet - with Love from colleagues

Emma's colleagues decided to give her a bouquet which will last longer than a real bouquet of flowers. These pretty gemstones of varying colours are all of the same stone, Tourmaline! They are sparkly and comes in nice pink, green and brown hues :) You can even see different colours in the same stone - these are watermelon Tourmaline. White, lustrous Keishi pearls and small rice pearls contribute to more textures. Chain and parts are goldfilled. This is one of the few pieces I spent a great deal of time on, doing and undoing and changing stuff, even til the last minute, because I really want these nice stones to be set in a delicate, asymmetrical style.

As for the earrings, I decided to make vine-like ones with just white and pink colour combo. Great to be worn separately from the necklace.

Monday, June 21, 2010

With Love, from Gareth :)

Again, what every girl wants - a surprise from boyfriend/husband.

Gareth suggested pink and purple, and so I decided to stick to these colours and added some white and green. Sweet combination of colours from a sweet guy *envy*

Husband and I just celebrated our 7th wedding aniversary and he got me a small coin pouch and a notebook (not the computer, but a note-pad). Well I am not complaining, some wives get nothing, just that you can tell the difference huh, between boyfriend and husband.

Asymmetrical gemmy centrepiece comprises of Iolite, Pink Topaz, Rose Quartz, Peridot and white freshwater pearls. Chain and components are goldfilled. Hope Gareth likes it!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

White Flowers V (pink MOP) - SOLD

Bell-like carved pink MOP :) Silver-polish cloth included.

White Flowers IV (pale pink MOP) - SOLD

These are excellent carved pink Mother-of-Pearl flowers, one pair available only. As usual, silver polish cloth included.

Daisy Brooch $ 30 - ONE piece

Biwa stick pearls and freshwater pearls make up this beautiful daisy :) Have had these biwa stick pearls for a long time but did not really know how to use them, so I consider this another breakthrough!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Out of Town 13 - 28 Apr

But I will be contactable by email still if you are planning on ordering something for Mothers' Day.

I will be having fun in Taiwan (again!) and putting back all the weight I have lost recently being sick. Yum yum......FOOD, here I come!

Pink Amethyst and Yellow Sapphire Dandelions $ 53

Ok these vibrant colours don't really belong in the pond so I can't give them pond names.

The stones are all clear and sparkly that they scatter light. These yellow drops are a kind of Sapphire (I can't remember exact name) and are truly valuable, but I am not reflecting it in my price here because I just want the stones to move out of my drawers!

Nice for spring and summer!

Aqua Organism! $ 53

Love the 2 shades of blue from Apatite and Aquamarine. Like Hyacinth and Citrus Burst, these look like little pond plants or organisms.

These Apatite onions worth every cent I spent on them, despite that they are not totally perfect. Never dreamed that I could own Apatite at carat sizes like this. (Anyway Apatite is hardly clear and perfect.)

Parts and leverback earwires are 14K goldfilled.

White Flowers III $ 38 - Exquisitely ONE piece, look at the incredible, amazing carving SOLD

I always wonder how amazing the carving is when this flower is so well-carved, so delicate and THIN and all this is done on the fragile MOP!!! I could only get one pair of these flowers from Japan. Anyway they are too expensive to be purchased in bulk.

It is always so difficult to take pictures of white/silver pieces, so I can safely say that the real thing looks even better.

I have dangled Swarovski crystals at the bottom for a glittery, girlish feel. Check out the older versions and if you decide to like Moonstone more, I will gladly change without additional charges.

All parts are in 925 silver and so a piece of silver-polish cloth is included.

White Tulips Cluster $ 27 (silver-polish cloth included)

Text ColorThese little tulips are not the vintage ones I had used much earlier, they are very new and therefore very clean and white. I have clustered them with white freshwater pearls and a white Mother-of-pearl carved leaf.

All parts are in 925 silver so I will include a cloth to polish.

Rougeberries bracelet for WZ :)

These pearls berries are always so photogenic, somehow.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jessica's order

Something dainty and sweet and pink.

I am very happy to be commissioned again to make a collage for a birthday occasion. I really enjoyed myself and I appreciate the trust that Jessica gave me so I could use materials freely and match colours without restrictions (just like Victoria's piece!).

Anyway this is a golden opportunity for me to use these champagne pearls I bought from a Japan source. Love the lustre and colour! Goldfilled chain is adjustable from approx 16" - 18".